Simon Rhodes is the author of the ‘Super-tribe Series’ of books about creating success in a modern team or organisation. If you want an easy way to build yourself a Super-tribe, to become a better leader or get your organisation ready for success, then these books will help you do just that.

“If you want to know how to grow and develop your organisation, just read these books and then if you’d like a hand, call us”

Simon James Rhodes

The first part of the Super-tribe trilogy is called ‘Build Your Super-tribe: How tribal rituals and traditions can change the modern world’ and it’s about how to build a successful organisation. This works equally well for new or long-established teams or organisations. By developing and aligning all the elements of modern tribes in their own team or organisation, readers can build or re-build themselves as a modern tribe. Then by joining forces with other tribes, for mutual benefit, tribes can come together to form Super-tribes. This book uses a combination of modern and historical examples of tribes, as well as insightful quotes to explain what makes a modern tribe and why tribes need to link up for mutual gain.

‘Lead Your Super-tribe: How to become the pathfinder for your Super-tribe’ follows on from ‘Build’ and develops how to approach leadership in a modern tribe. With clear guidance on leadership philosophy, management styles and mission focused delivery, this book offers practical insight on modern leadership. If you want to run a modern tribe, you need to apply modern tribal leadership.

The third book is called ‘Get Win Ready: Master the Winning Controllables’ and focuses on mastering the winning controllables in whatever kind of competition your organisation is involved in. The book covers the importance of setting Winning Standards, prioritising the Winning Controllables and instilling Winning Behaviours amongst the many insights on offer. It’s a practical guide that focuses on what makes the difference between winning and losing. With contributions from sporting coaches Daryl Powell, Mike Ford and Giles White, it’s a very interesting read.

All three books provide insight and practical guidance. All three books are full of winning examples from all walks of life. Paperback and Kindle versions are available to buy on Amazon. The covers and links are below.

Build Your Super-tribe

Build Your Super-tribe book books

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Lead Your Super-tribe

Lead Your Super-tribe book books

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Get Win Ready

Get Win Ready book books

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Paperback and Kindle versions are available of all three Super-tribe Series books on Amazon.


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