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Welcome to Red Heart Blue Head

At Red Heart Blue Head Limited we are Super-tribe builders. We help teams to build or re-build their culture and performance. We help organisations to raise themselves up from good to outstanding. Our success is based directly on the success of our clients.

Using the principles behind building Super-tribes, created by our Simon Rhodes, we can help you build greater success for your organisation. If your organisation needs some help or guidance about achieving growth or improving its performance, we can help you.

We will work with you to find a mission that motivates everyone, to set winning standards to achieve your mission and create winning behaviours to get you there. And we can do a lot more. Using Simon’s philosophy of Mastering the Winning Controllables, we can help you to get your team mission-focused, smarter than your competitors and ready to win consistently.

We start with ‘What is Winning’ for your organisation? That’s an essential consideration. Below is one way of looking at success.

What is Winning? diagram red heart blue head

To find our more about what we do, please click on our Services page. Or get in contact with us to ask us.