Do it for yourself too

Melon Cake Do it for ourself too
Watermelon Cake

Whatever it is you do, you should do it for you too. 

Helping other people is a very worthy cause, but the work you do for others has got to fit with yours.

You have to want to do it, rather than feel obliged to prove it. 

Or you’ll lose yourself in pleasing, everyone that you’re appeasing.

“There was a time
I was pulled in all directions and forgot about mine”

‘Melon Cake’ by Demi Lovato

Our inner motivations are the powerful sensations, that get over all the deprivations from doing what we do.

When we feel like taking action we can find self-satisfaction from doing what we do. 

When our values match our tribe’s we can conjure winning vibes.

When we sell ourselves to pressures, threats and bribes,

our life ascribes to nothing and we feel nothing good besides.

“And now I’m saying, no more melon cakes on birthdays.

No more barricades in doorways.

Finally get to do things my way. La la la la la la la”

‘Melon Cake’ by Demi Lovato

Finding things in common is how Super-tribes are formed.

But following what you’re told to do is how despair is normed.

Selfless does beat selfish, but when all self goes you get less.

Us and our beats me and you. Just think of that before you do.

“Dear little me, I’m sorry that it took so long, but baby you’re free”

‘Melon Cake’ by Demi Lovato