It’s all about the journey

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It’s our journey

Life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. We are all on our own individual journey through life. Remembering that helps us to manage our path through life.

Where we go, what we do and who we spend time with is up to us to decide. Well, partly it is. What happens to us isn’t down to us alone. There are many uncontrollable factors at work, such as the date, time and weather. There are also a great many controllables that we don’t have direct control over, including the choices and actions of others. What’s left are the things that we can control. We always have a degree of control and influence over our own journey.

Winning Controllables

We first need to accept that our role is two-fold. We need to do our best to master the things we can control, especially the things that make the biggest difference to our success. We need to prioritise and master our winning controllables. This requires an awareness of our past, present and future needs. It also requires excellent self-discipline, so that we are consistent and stick to the plan. Which elements should we concentrate on? Which controllables do we need to master? That’s up to us to decide. We do have control over that.

Secondly, we shouldn’t try and operate independently. With so many variables in play, we should work with others to achieve our goals (as well as theirs). If an outcome that we need isn’t our gift, we should seek aid from the people who can make that happen. By trading, influencing and nudging we may be able to master the uncontrollables we need for success.

The same principles apply to organisations as well as individuals. By mastering their winning controllables, we can make our organisations more successful.

The Common Controllables

There are eleven common controllables that we can focus our efforts on. There may be more that we need for our own competition.

The eleven area winning Mission, Philosophy, Culture and Values, People and Alignment, Mindset (including Red Heart, Blue Head), Preparation and Positioning, Skills and Techniques, Science and Technology, Super-tribe thinking, Strength and Firepower; and Finishing. How we prioritise and master them will depend on our organisation and it’s field of competition.

My book ‘Get Win Ready: Master the Winning Controllables’ offers detailed insight into this crucial part of our journey, with modern and historical examples to bring the principles to life. It’s available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

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