Why attitude matters so much

Why attitude matters so much Red Heart Blue Head logo

Attitude is everything

Missions are achieved by passionate people, committed to a cause they believe in. We have to care about an outcome to work hard enough to deliver it. That’s why attitude matters so much. Without a red heart, no team member will be brave enough to really go for it. Passion drives power, resilience and commitment. Without that burning energy, we can struggle if the going gets really tough. A red heart is an essential part of a winning attitude and a winning performance.

Red heart, blue head

Those same brave people also need cool heads. They need to be able to make excellent decisions under pressure. Without a blue head, you and your team can’t be controlled enough to deliver what your mission needs. Staying calm drives awareness, patience and control. It ensures that your red heart doesn’t drive you to make mistakes or commit losing behaviours. A blue head is an essential part of a winning attitude and a winning performance.

We understand why heads and hearts matter so much to success. Blending them together can be difficult. Some of your team members may have the opposite traits, being either a blue heart (a lack of passion) or a red head (a lack of control). They may need training and mentoring to help them achieve the perfect balance and produce the perfect performance.

Any time spent on developing a blend of red hearts and blue heads will always be time well spent.