Winning is a team activity

winning Penguin meeting

Winning: Make sure you involve all your stakeholders

Winning requires thinking and thanking

Success requires an inclusive mission, a unified team, a collective will and the power of a whole tribe. No one achieves anything truly great on their own. There’s always someone else to thank. We just need to think who that is and remember to do it. We always need help. We always need each other.

With so much to do in creating a winning organisation, we need all the skills, experience and winning behaviours that our tribe can muster. That means reaching out to every stakeholder inside our organisation and outside it. Asking every stakeholder for their opinions, wisdom and ideas can be incredibly beneficial.

Why not ask for help?

Dismissing our feelings of impatience and pride can give us the time to seek the wisdom and consent of others. A person who is asked for their input, is far more likely to provide it willingly. A person who agrees to a course of action is far more likely to make it happen. By finding others who share the same mission and goals, you can team up to help each other. Why not ask for help? What’s the downside?


An engaged team member is a good cultural fit and a better performer than a disengaged one. That applies equally to an organisation’s leaders. Winning isn’t a solo activity, it’s a team one. Engaging with others can spark thoughts and actions that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. A willingness to involve people is a positive trait. It may be counter-intuitive, but we are at our most powerful when we ask other people for help.